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ACE launch image
Traditional Physics Problems


This investigation provides an opportunity for the learner to access some real-time Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft data. The ACE/SWEPAM data plots they will access will be used to determine temperature and radial speed for the solar wind. In addition, the learner will use a variety of information about the ACE spacecraft to solve sample physics problems dealing with conversion factors, kinematics, mass/weight, momentum, and work/power/energy. In the investigation the learner is provided with the appropriate physics equations and conversion factors and is asked to solve the problems. The problem sets could be used:

There are two accompanying Educational Briefs. The first provides an explanation of basic atomic structure and explains the ACE project. It is the "Composition of Matter, Atomic Structure" Education Brief . The second provides an explanation of the Big Bang, the fusion process, and the evolution of stars. It is the "Cosmology and Stellar Evolution" Education Brief.


Suggested Grade Level & Duration:
Grades 9-12; 1 to 2 fifty-minute periods.

The learner will need a computer with internet access, a scientific calculator, and an attached printer (to print a copy of the procedure for the investigation if so desired).


Background - Procedure - Standards - Credits