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The Cooperative Satellite Learning Project (CSLP) is a partnership in education joining the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Allied Signal Technical Services Corporation, and schools nationwide. The objectives of the CSLP are to motivate students in the K through 12 system into science, engineering, math, and careers in the space business. It also demonstrates the application of technology and the integration of a variety of technical disciplines into the complex system of ground and space-based segments composing the "end-to-end" mission system. As part of this program, ACE has been adopted by the Old Bridge Regional High School in Old Bridge, New Jersey and students there are using ACE as a basis for learning in a wide variety of ways.

Notice the CSLP logo features the ACE spacecraft, because one of the Old Bridge, NJ CSLP students won the logo design competition.

CRIS photo stamp gif CSLP photo 210 KB GIF
This is a photo of a full scale model of the ACE spacecraft built by students at Old Bridge Regional High School in Old Bridge, NJ. It is now hanging in the Old Bridge Township Library.

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