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Graph - spectra of energetic oxygen nuclei
Interpreting Realtime ACE Data From Space


This investigation provides an opportunity to use realtime data being collected by scientists who are working on the cutting edge of space science. In a science classroom, the investigation can be tied in with a unit on basic atomic structure, states of matter, or space science. In a mathematics (algebra) classroom, the investigation may be used to show a practical application of logarithmic plots. In part one of this investigation the learner will become familiar with the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft and the scientific goals of the ACE mission. In part two of the investigation the learner will interpret ACE Browse Data Plots and speculate on the type of solar activity being measured. An explanation of basic atomic structure and the ACE project and can be found in the "Composition of Matter, Atomic Structure" Education Brief.


Suggested Grade Level & Duration:

Grades 9-12; 1 fifty-minute period.


The learner will need a computer with internet access and an attached printer to print a copy of the worksheet and/or procedure for the investigation if so desired.


Background - Procedure - Standards - Credits