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December 31: Titan's plasma wake (see #16) -- Eurekalert
December 31: Helium supplies endangered, threatening science and technology -- Washington University in St. Louis
December 26: "Drilling Up" -- Some look to space for energy -- National Geographic
December 24: Budget blow to US science -- Nature
December 22: The best of 2007 -- Physics World
December 22: Tyrrhenian Sea and solstice sky -- APOD
December 21: The size of the helium-8 nucleus has been measured -- AIP
December 21: Cosmic powerhouses --
December 21: Transparent nuclei -- Physical Review Focus
December 21: It's official: 2009 is the Year of Astronomy -- Sky & Telescope
December 20: AAAS disappointed with R&D funding levels -- AAAS
December 20: Dust in the wind --
December 20: News from Earth's magnetic field -- Eurekalert
December 20: Suzaku explains cosmic powerhouses -- NASA GSFC
December 20: Experiments unraveled dynamic core movements of magnetic swirls -- Science Daily
December 19: Solar-like star flares up --
December 19: US budget cuts a 'body blow' to particle accelerator -- New Scientist
December 18: 'Bully' black hole blasts galaxy with radiation -- CNN
December 18: Metal foam has a good memory -- NSF
December 14: Is a new solar cycle beginning? -- Science@NASA
December 13: Ten top physics stories for 2007 -- AIP
December 13: Voyager 2 reaches the heliosphere -- AIP
December 13: Earth's protective magnetic field --
December 13: Earth's magnetosphere: On the ropes -- Sky & Telescope
December 12: Leshner tells Texas education officials: Don't mess with science standards -- AAAS
December 12: Surprises at the solar system's edge --
December 12: Foggy San Francisco has ambitious solar plan -- CNN
December 11: NASA spacecraft make new discoveries about Northern Lights -- Eurekalert
December 11: Brain stem cells sensitive to space radiation -- Eurekalert
December 11: Earth's magnetic field could help protect astronauts working on the moon -- Eurekalert
December 10: Voyager 2 probe leaves the neighborhood -- Nature
December 10: MIT instrument finds surprises at solar system's edge -- MIT
December 10: A jet from the Sun -- APOD
December 10: Sunburst -- HEASARC Picture of the Week
December 10: Major physics breakthrough in understanding supersolidity -- Science Daily
December 7: Hinode mission delves into solar mysteries -- AAAS
December 6: Spacecraft reveals new insights about the origin of the solar wind -- NASA
December 6: The Sun is bristling with x-ray jets -- Science@NASA
December 5: AAAS science & policy chief describes how 9/11 changed US research enterprise -- AAAS
December 4: Radiation flashes crack cosmic mystery --
December 3: A complete solar cycle from SOHO -- APOD


November 30: NASA's GLAST satellite arrives at Naval Reesearch Lab for testing -- Reuters
November 30: Neutrinos could probe Earth's structure -- Physics World
November 30: First estimate of size of new atomic particle (from 1937) -- Science News
November 30: Galaxies are born of violence between dark matter and interstellar gas -- Science Daily
November 29: Violent black holes linked to high-energy cosmic rays -- The Hindu
November 29: Barren land: Why Venus is lifeless -- Economist
November 28: Voyager 2 nears threshold at edge of solar system -- Canadian Broadcasting Company
November 28: Einstein's biggest blunder? Dark energy may be consistent with cosmological constant -- Science Daily
November 28: UNH scientists report first findings on key astrophysics problem -- Eurekalert
November 28: Odd little star has magnetic personality -- Gemini Observatory
November 26: Outburst pulls magnetic slingshot --
November 23: Giant 'IceCube' could take snaps of Earth's core -- New Scientist
November 21: Astronomers discover stars with carbon atmospheres -- University of Arizona
November 20: Pierre Auger Observatory pinpoints source of mysterious highest-energy cosmic rays -- CERN Courier
November 20: Egyptian pyramids -- AIP
November 20: Nuggest of new physics -- APS
November 19: An extended magnetic reconnection X-line in the solar wind -- ACE News
November 19: Aurora in the distance -- APOD
November 19: Sun may be smaller than thought -- New Scientist
November 18: Scientist seeks to understand nuclear reactions on stars deep underground -- Black Hills Pioneer
November 17: Young's experiment performed in a hydrogen molecule -- Science Daily
November 16: Solar Dynamics Observatory instrument to peer inside the Sun arrives at Goddard -- NASA GSFC
November 15: Brightest supernova may reignite -- Scientific American
November 15: Physicists peer closely at radioactive decay of a rare isotope at the edge of nuclear existence -- Science Daily
November 14: Regional variation in warming from Sun during solar cycle shown by satellite -- Science Daily
November 13: Strange space weather over Africa -- Science@NASA
November 12: The highest-energy cosmic rays -- AIP
November 12: Cosmic rays from galactic centers -- APOD
November 12: Sun's twin discovered --
November 10: Distant black holes may be source of high-energy cosmic rays -- The Hindu
November 10: Ray tracing: Energetic cosmic rays linked to giant black holes -- Science News
November 9: Mysterious cosmic rays linked to galactic powerhouses -- The Hindu
November 9: Energetic cosmic rays may start from black holes -- NY Times
November 9: Astronomers discover Sun's twin at McDonald Observatory -- McDonald Observatory
November 8: Monster black holes power highest-energy cosmic rays -- New Scientist
November 8: Fastball-strength cosmic rays traced to black hole -- Scientific American
November 8: Cosmic-ray mystery solved at last -- Physics World
November 7: Repair shops for broken DNA -- Science@NASA
November 7: Physicists see similarities in stream of sand grains, exotic plasma at birth of Universe -- Science Daily
November 6: An X class flare region on the Sun -- APOD
November 5: Comet Holmes grows a tail -- APOD


October 31: The origin of energetic 3He in the inner heliosphere -- ACE News
October 31: Let there be light -- Eurekalert
October 29: Washington University scientists analyze solar wind samples from Genesis mission -- Eurekalert
October 25: Look mum, it's a neutrino -- Australian Broadcasting Company
October 25: Newly created forms of magnesium and aluminum -- NSF
October 24: Massive star's afterlife: A supernova seeds new planets -- Science Daily
October 24: Solar telescope soars into sky on jumbo-jet-sized balloon -- Science Daily
October 24: Chang'e-1 -- new mission to moon lifts off -- Eurekalert
October 11: Origin of cosmic rays illuminated -- Science Daily
October 9: How can graphite and diamond be so different if they are both composed of pure carbon? -- Scientific American
October 9: NASA: Major step toward knowing origin of cosmic rays -- NASA GSFC
October 5: Shining a light on mysterious 'dark matter' -- Science Daily
October 3: Comet Encke's tail ripped off -- APOD
October 1: NASA satellite sees solar hurricane tear comet tail off -- NASA GSFC
October 1: The Sun rips off a comet's tail -- Science@NASA


September 30: Tiny animals exposed to outer space -- Science Daily
September 28: Energy spectra of ACR oxygen during the approach to solar minimum -- ACE News
September 27: Hole in the Sun -- APOD
September 25: Do migratory birds 'see' the magnetic field? -- Eurekalert
September 18: Large Hadron Collider project to study the origins of matter -- Science Daily
September 18: Magnetic trilobite -- Science@NASA
September 14: New film opening in Boston gives first 3D look at the Sun -- NASA GSFC
September 13: Cassini flies by Saturn's walnet-shaped moon Iapetus -- Science Daily
September 13: Matter or antimatter? Why not both? -- Australian Broadcasting Company
September 12: Cluster and Double Star uncover more on bright aurorae -- Science Daily
September 11: Can a robot get high school students interested in studying science and engineering in college? -- NSF
September 10: Partial solar eclipse for some Southern Hemisphere observers --


August 31: Scientists find elusive waves in Sun's corona -- Science Daily
August 31: Celebrating 10 years of ACE in space -- ACE News
August 30: Pioneering NASA spacecraft -- Science Daily
August 30: Scientists find elusive waves in solar corona -- NSF
August 29: Low-energy neutrinos detected inside Sun -- Science Daily
August 27: Flares from Sun's far side may affect space weather of inner planets -- Science Daily
August 22: Hinode helps unravel long-standing solar mysteries -- Eurekalert
August 22: What makes Mars magnetic? -- Spaceflight Now
August 21: Scientists confirm long-held theory about source of sunshine -- Science Daily
August 20: Pioneering NASA spacecraft mark thirty years of flight -- NASA JPL
August 20: Catching some rays -- NSF
August 17: In search of interstellar dragon fire -- NASA GSFC
August 15: UCF physicist says Hollywood movies hurt students' understanding of science -- Eurekalert
August 13: Energy cascade in the solar wind -- ACE News
August 10: What makes Mars magnetic? -- Eurekalert
August 9: Swarming starlings help probe plasma, crowds, and stock market -- Eurekalert
August 6: Sunspot abundance linked to heavy rains in East Africa -- AGU
August 1: Mmmm, space chips -- Popular Science


July 27: Killer electrons in space are now less mysterious -- Science Daily
July 26: College science success linked to math and same-subject preparation -- Eurekalert
July 25: Energy-dependent charge states in impulsive solar particle events: A clue to the source location and conditions -- ACE News
July 23: Ruling unruly substances -- staying out of jams -- Science Daily
July 11: Study clears Sun of global warming -- Australian Broadcasting Company
July 5: Chickens also orient themselves by the Earth's magnetic field -- Eurekalert
July 3: A simple magnet can control the color of a liquid, making new technologies possible -- Eurekalert
July 1: XMM-Newton reveals x-rays from gas streams around young stars -- Science Daily


June 28: Neutron stars join the black hole jet set -- Science Daily
June 11: Global distribution of slow solar wind during Solar Cycle 23 -- ACE News
June 8: New model reveals Sun's interior --
June 7: As creation museum opens, Leshner urges visitors not to confuse religious beliefs, scientific facts -- AAAS
June 6: Researchers catch motion of a single electron on video -- Eurekalert
June 5: Hinode helps predict solar activity --
June 1: XMM-Newton deciphers the magnetic physics around forming stars -- Science Daily
June 1: Pioneering 3D view of near-Earth magnetic 'dance' -- Science Daily
June 1: Secrets of the Sun's sizzling corona -- Australian Broadcasting Company


May 30, 2007: Magnetic field uses sound waves to ignite solar ring of fire -- SpaceDaily
May 30, 2007: Radio 'screams' from the Sun warn of radiation storms -- EurekAlert!
May 30, 2007: News from your favorite star --
May 29, 2007: Screaming CMEs warn of radiation storms -- NASA GSFC
May 25, 2007: Astrophysicists find fractal image of Sun's 'storm season' imprinted on solar wind -- EurekAlert!
May 25, 2007: Spacecraft aids in forecast of solar radiation storms -- NASA HQ
May 25, 2007: The ions are coming! -- Science@NASA
May 23, 2007: UD scientists build an 'ice top' at the bottom of the world -- EurekAlert!
May 22, 2007: Orange Sun oozing -- NASA GSFC APOD
May 16, 2007: Helium may set minimum speed limit for solar wind -- NASA GSFC
May 15, 2007: Cluster makes a shocking discovery -- SpaceDaily
May 10, 2007: Get ready to explore the heart of the Sun -- NASA GSFC
May 7, 2007: SOHO finds solar ripples --


April 27, 2007: NOAA announces next solar storm cycle will likely start next March -- EurekAlert!
April 25, 2007: The quest to predict the next space "hurricane" season -- NASA GSFC
April 24, 2007: The Sun in three dimensions -- NASA GSFC APOD
April 24, 2007: A massive explosion on the Sun -- Science@NASA
April 23, 2007: NASA spacecraft make first 3-D images of Sun -- NASA JPL
April 16, 2007: Prolonged reconnection at an extended and continuous X-line in the solar wind -- ACE News
April 13, 2007: Cluster sees tsunamis in space -- SpaceDaily
April 9, 2007: Aurora over Alaska -- NASA GSFC APOD
April 4, 2007: Researchers find Global Positioning System is significantly impacted by powerful solar radio burst -- NOAA News


March 30, 2007: Sun burp blasted ozone layer in 1859 -- Australian Broadcasting Company
March 29, 2007: Magnetic fields get reconnected in turbulent plasma too, Cluster reveals -- SpaceDaily
March 29, 2007: Elemental abundances of low-energy heavy ions in large solar energetic particle events of cycle 23 -- ACE News
March 22, 2007: Hinode studies the Sun --
March 21, 2007: Solar activity won't break drought -- Australian Broadcasting Company
March 21, 2007: Clemson rocket launches test Alaskan auroras -- SpaceDaily
March 21, 2007: Making cosmic gamma rays --
March 15, 2007: UD physicist wins NSF Career Award for space weather research -- EurekAlert!
March 14, 2007: THEMIS weighs in on the Northern Lights -- EurekAlert!
March 13, 2007: Lunar transit in STEREO --
March 12, 2007: Cluster opens a new window on 'magnetic reconnection' in the near-Earth space -- EurekAlert!
March 8, 2007: Sunlight sends asteroids spinning -- Australian Broadcasting Company
March 5, 2007: International Heliophysical Year begins -- SpaceDaily
March 3, 2007: Lunar transit from STEREO -- NASA GSFC APOD
March 2, 2007: Space weather in STEREO --
March 2, 2007: Solar eclipse from the Moon -- NASA GSFC APOD
March 1, 2007: Ancient solar observatory discovered --


February 28, 2007: NASA MESSENGER mission news: priming instruments to map Mercury's crust --
February 23, 2007: Sol sister -- SpaceDaily
February 20, 2007: A cool solar mystery -- Science@NASA
February 20, 2007: Classification of ACE/EPAM near-relativistic electron beam events -- ACE News
February 20, 2007: THEMIS satellites put Berkeley physicist in pole position to study aurora like never before -- SpaceDaily
February 20, 2007: Lockheed Martin scientists determine magnetic reconnection locations at Earth's magnetopause -- SpaceDaily
February 19, 2007: Surprises from the Sun's south pole -- European Space Agency
February 19, 2007: International Heliophysical Year begins -- European Space Agency
February 16, 2007: NASA THEMIS mission adds five spacecraft to the Sun-Earth flotilla -- European Space Agency
February 9, 2007: New Horizons observes solar wind interactions -- Spaceflight Now
February 9, 2007: Cluster - new insights into the electric circuits of polar lights -- European Space Agency
February 7, 2007: South pole flyby -- Science@NASA
February 7, 2007: Ulysses scores a hat-trick -- European Space Agency
February 7, 2007: NASA-European spacecraft swoops under Sun's pole -- NASA JPL
February 6, 2007: Sun storm: a coronal mass ejection -- NASA GSFC APOD
February 2, 2007: Sophisticated ESA space weather tool under development -- European Space Agency


January 30, 2007: Superbubble origin of galactic cosmic rays supported by supernova-produced isotopes -- ACE News
January 30, 2007: Northern lights research enters final frontier -- SpaceDaily
January 30, 2007: University of Alberta space research to solve aurora mystery -- SpaceDaily
January 29, 2007: Movie: a green flash over Italy -- NASA GSFC APOD
January 25, 2007: Twin spacecraft swing past Moon to prepare for 3-D solar studies -- SpaceDaily
January 24, 2007: Storm hunt: spacecraft quintet to track down magnetic field tempests --
January 19, 2007: A new year for BaBar and PEP-II -- Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
January 17, 2007: THEMIS will judge what causes highly dynamic aurora -- NASA GSFC
January 14, 2007: Comet McNaught - a first light present for STEREO --
January 12, 2007: SOHO prepares for Comet Mcnaught -- SpaceDaily
January 5, 2007: US researchers study space weather -- SpaceDaily
January 4, 2007: 1000th orbit for the Cluster mission -- SpaceDaily

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