Space Weather and YOU!

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Space Weather

This investigation provides an opportunity to see and use real time data being collected by scientists who are working on the cutting edge of space science. The investigation can be tied in with Physics (kinematics, magnetism) and Earth Science content on the Sun and solar system structure, meteorology and weather prediction (in space) as it parallels that on Earth, and spacecraft and what they do. It also blends the use of teaching across the curriculum by integrating data analysis and mathematics.

Most parts of this investigation can be done as stand-alone activities, and are adaptable to a variety of learners.

In this investigation the learner will explore “space weather,” its measurements and prediction. The accompanying Educational Brief provides an explanation of space weather and its effects. The learner will explore web sites related to space weather and its resources. The learner will also access plots of real time data provided by some of the ACE instruments so the learner can draw inferences about the prediction of space weather.

There are variables and measurements that are comparable to what we find with Earth’s weather. These variables have specific definitions and will be outlined in the background section.


Suggested Grade Level & Duration:
Grades 9-12 ; 2-3 fifty-minute period for entire investigation - shorter if part is omitted.

Internet accessible computer.
(If desired) Printable materials.

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